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Many of the features of EKCCMS are already documented in the EKCCMS Documentation section. However, below is a list of frequently asked questions that we have also answered. If you have reviewed the documentation and the FAQ below, and your question is still not answered, you can submit a new question below (if you have registered and are logged in), and it will be automatically emailed, as well.

Professional Support Services

EKCCMS offers paid support services for customers requiring professional-level customizations and maintenance.

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Support FAQs

Browse the Frequently Asked Questions below, or use the Search box to the right to locate a particular article.

More Does EKCCMS support Markdown?

Yes! As of March 2016, EKCCMS includes Markdown...More...

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More How do I create a link?

EKCCMS allows you to create a link to virtually...More...

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More How do I create a new template?

EKCCMS integrates the Smarty templating engine....More...

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More How do I make the main page different from the rest of the site?

To make the main or home page different than th...More...

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More How do I prevent a parent section link from displaying a blank page?

EKCCMS treats all sections as active links unle...More...

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More How do I upload my own images or files?

EKCCMS integrates its own "EKCCMS Explorer"&nbs...More...

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More How do I use the Tabview Control?

The Tabview Control allows you to save screen r...More...

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More What multimedia formats does EKCCMS support?

ANY file that can be presented in a webpage can...More...

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