EKCCMS is the EKlecticCore Content Management System

The EKlecticCore Content Management System (EKCCMS) is a state-of-the-art CMS that integrates its own easy-to-use interface for editing content. Sites can be entirely designed using the built-in "Dynamic Template," or using HTML-designer-friendly templates (via "Smarty"). And EKCCMS allows for virtually unlimited backend power in its modular development framework.

E-Commerce Sites

Our optional EKlecticCart system can be added-on to any EKCCMS site which includes online shopping, checkout, payment, shipping estimates, and backend integration with Quickbooks and other accounting packages.

Granular Permissions System

EKCCMS also includes an incredibly powerful permissions system that allows for specific content to be administered without giving admin privileges to the entire site. This also provides a convenient mechanism to make some content either visible or invisible to certain user groups.

What's In A Name?

eclectic: adjective: Selecting what is best from various sources or systems
EKlecticCore: noun: An extensible browser-based CMS integrating powerful technology for web-based solutions.

EKCCMS Crash Course

New to EKCCMS? Click here to check out our crash course for getting up and running quickly!

EKCCMS has some exciting new features!
  • Search Engine Optimization via automatic sitemap.xml generation
  • Mobile Device Support (EKCCMS has always been mobile-device friendly, but now we've taken that to a whole new level!)
  • Integrated Markdown support

More info below!

New Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

EKCCMS now includes an automatic sitemap and sitemap index generator that includes separate mobile device maps, as well as all multilingual content links.

To generate your sitemap, click "Miscellaneous Tasks" under the Administrative Links, and click the appropriate button.

For more info on sitemaps, visit sitemaps.org.

New Mobile Device Support

EKCCMS now includes the ability to have completely separate content and templates for mobile devices.

To enable this option, click "Global Configuration" under the Administrative Links, and check Separate Content for Phones, Separate Content for Tablets, or BOTH!

Creating and maintaining a website has never been easier

Content is added and edited in a Word-processing-style interface (TinyMCE), so even the most novice of users can create a professional website in minutes.

Templating via Smarty

Smarty is perhaps the most popular templating engine in the world, and with good reason! A simple HTML page can become the entire theme for your new EKCCMS site by simply adding in our CONTENT variable.

For professional web designers, you can completely separate data, functionality, and presentation. And for those in a hurry, we've provided some HTML-generating "shortcuts" for routine blocks such as Login, Breadcrumbs, and Menu Items. Flexible and powerful!

Module development

EKCCMS modules include an innovative interface that standardizes configuration data. Because EKCCMS literally handles the entire configuration process (from creating a dynamic configuration form to reading/writing the database), developers can spend more time focused upon writing their custom modules! And the configuration interface automatically converts boolean variables into checkboxes, and arrays into dropdowns! Check out the file /modules/mod_template.php to see just how easy it is!

Tons of Modules Included

  • Administrative Links
  • Email Ads/Newsletters (with user opt-out)
  • Articles with picture, video, and attachments (News, Blogs, etc.)
  • Built-in Audio/Video media player
  • Carousel: a "fancy" animated image slideshow (also see Slicebox)
  • Contact Us Form (email address is invisible to users, preventing spam)
  • Debugging Window (for developers)
  • File Explorer: Gives easy download access to entire directory trees
  • File Upload: For content admins (e.g. journalists, moderators, etc.)
  • Google Map
  • IFrame: Embed YouTube videos, and nearly any other content from other sites
  • Image Gallery: Animated transitions, large-view popups, stretch or maintain perspective scaling...and many other features!
  • Language Selection: EKCCMS is designed to be multi-lingual!
  • Menu: HTML links, JavaScript dropdowns, auto-generated image buttons...it's all built in.
  • RSS Feed: Display any RSS feed right on your web site!
  • Search site box: Internal search functionality keeps the user experience "in-house".
  • Slicebox: The "fanciest" image slideshow that also allows images to link elsewhere
  • SQL Reporting: The ability to create any kind of SQL report with bar and line graphs...built in!
  • Tab-view Control: Display large amounts of data in less screen real estate using this control.

Security and Permissions

EKCCMS recognizes two opposite security paradigms:
1. All active content is visible unless explicity hidden from certain users/groups.
2. All active content is invisible unless explicity enabled for certain users/groups.
EKCCMS switches between these two paradigms with the "Anonymous Read Perms" option (located at the bottom of the advanced options on the Global Configuration screen).

With these paradigms integrated into the very core, EKCCMS permissions scheme allows even the most complicated security situations to be realized.

User News and Blogging

Using the Articles module you can add blog-style content to your site by any registered user (including yourself!). Bloggers with admin-level permissions can be configured to auto-approve, so you can update your daily blog with a single click! And content submitted by non-admin bloggers has to be approved by an admin, so there is no risk of inappropriate content appearing to the public.

Multilingual Support

Additionally, EKCCMS includes a complete database of ISO world language codes, and allows one or all to be set active. (Only active languages show in the Language dropdown.) Users can simply choose their favorite language in the Language dropdown, and voila! they are viewing the content that has been prepared in that language. And any language can be configured to be the default.

Each language is essentially a completely separate set of content and sections, so changes to sections or content in one language will never interfere with the content in another. For a quick demonstration, try changing the language on this site by updating the Language dropdown at the bottom-right of this page!