Certified Installation From The EKCCMS Support Team

With even a modest technical skill level, the EKCCMS installation process is relatively simple. However, for those who don't want to bother, the EKCCMS support team offers professional installation and setup.

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Installation Is Automatic

If you are installing a new copy of EKCCMS, when you unzip and move the EKCCMS package into your web server's root directory, simply browse to the new server to begin installation. The EKCCMS system detects that it has not yet been installed, and automatically executes the setup script. (You should have your database login information available before setup.)

Many CMS products require you to remove the installation script after you've finished. Not so with EKCCMS. The EKCCMS setup script cannot be executed on a configured system, but instead redirect to the main page of your website.


Most hosting companies have already configured their PHP servers with the most common requirements of modern CMS software. But if you're setting up your own server, you may want to know what you'll need to do. Here's a simple list of the prerequisites you'll want to check off to ensure a simple installation of EKCCMS on your web server. (If you don't know what any of this means, you can always contact us for help!)
• mcrypt extension (PHP)
• zip extension (PHP)
• PHP option: short_open_tag = On